01.  How do you contribute to the widows' and  Orphans Pension scheme ?

     The Complete common 86 format should be submitted to the Department of pension with the following reports.

  •  Original birth certificate
  • Original birth certificates of spouse (if married)
  • Original birth certificates of children and original marriage certificate

02. How to qualify for pension ?

        120 months continuous service in a post entitled to a piracy pension.

03. How to get the widows ' and orphans' pension?

     Those who are widowed of wodowered/ widower,unemployed unmarried female children who are inder 26 years old, unemployed male children who are less than 26 years of age.

 04. How can I be eligible for death gratuity ?

   A dependent of his / her is entitled to a death gratuity after the death of an officer who has a permanent pension for a continuous period of 60 months. 

05.  What is commuted gratuitous ?

      A commuted gratuity is equival to 24 times of the unreduced monthly pension.

06. What is unreduced pension ?

   The pension will be deducted from an officer for 10 years, in the same installment. The non-deducted pension will be paid to the pensioner in 10 years.

07. What is pension award paper ?

     A document received by an officer at the date of his/her retirement .  This is issued to every pensioner


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