Our Vision

To serve the entire community of the Imaduwa secretariat division with an exquisite and efficient public service

Our Mission

To enrich the lives of the community within the division through an effective development process with resources co - ordination and public participation by serving according to the state principles



  • Becoming Management
  • Effective and productive service through new technology and trained - labour
  • Interest on social contribution


In the southern cornrer of the Gall district, 20km away from Galle town in Galle - Akuressa road, Imaduwa divisional secretariat belongs to The Thalpe Pattuva South  Sasanarakshaka Bala Mandala’s body.

Imaduwa Divisional Secretariat is located in the eastern latitudes between 800-150 and 800-250, and North latitudes between 60-60 and 50

Imaduwa Divisional Secretary's Division is 5950 hectares (59.5 sq km). It is 4% of the total land area of the Galle District. Compared to other divisional secretariats, it can be liquidated at the 13th position in size.

Boundaries of the Division

Yakkalamulla Divisional Secretary Division from the North

South of Habaraduwa Divisional Secretariat Division

East by Matara District and Welipitiya Divisional Secretariat

It borders the Akmeemana Divisional Secretariat from the West


Historical Background

Imaduwa Divisional Secretary's Division is a Divisional Secretariat that has a long history and it can be seen that some stories from the village of Wadduwa are witnessed. Some say that among the legends, this area was surrounded by doovas and so was named as “Imaduwa”. Some say that a daughter named “Ima”  has found this division and so that Imaduwa had been named after her.

Ancient Value

  •  Paragoda Raja Maha Viharaya

The story of Paragoda Raja Maha Viharaya and the associated story of the Divisional Secretary's Division goes up to the reign of King Dewanapathis. That is, when King Devanampiyatissa brought the Bodhi tree with the Thirty Thousand Boozy, the tide was avoided at the Paragoda Raja Maha Viharaya and brought the Bodhi sapling under the tree to the first Bodhi Tree at Paragoda Raja Maha Viharaya.

  •  Maluwa Rajamallankaramaya

It is considered a folk lore that belongs to the reign of the king of the fourth kingdom of Dupula, and there are many ruins in the pond, Satharamaha Devala and stone pens.

  •  Ganegoda ancient temple

More than 500 years old Bo tree.

  •  Anglagoda Purana Viharaya

Old frescoes dating back more than 200 years are archaeologically valuable.

  •  Sandassararamaya - Welikonda

The city's statue is over 300 years old.

  • Diwelagoda Purana Viharaya

More than 400 years old archaeological value is seen in a wooden  pirith pavilion.


Grama Niladhari Division has been formed as a combination of a village or several. There are 92 villages in the 43 Grama Niladhari Divisions.

Origin of the Office.

This Divisional Secretary's Division was declared as a new Divisional Secretary Division in 1998 and had previously belonged to the Habaraduwa Divisional Secretariat. This division consists of 43 Grama Niladari divisions. The largest Grama Niladhari Division according to the physical location of the division is the Paragoda Grama Niladari Division and the smallest Grama Niladari division is the Elladagoda Grama Niladhari Division.


Grama Niladhari Map

Imaduwa DS

Role performed at DS




Mr.M.W Karunaratne



Mr.S. Jagoda


July 2001

Mrs.Sarathseeli  De Silva

July 2001

October 2001

Mr. Vijitha Jayasundara (Act.)

October 2001

April 2003

Mr. Tudor Kankanamge

May 2003

July 2007

Mr. Sirisena Gallage

July 2007

04th September 2007

Mrs. Tharanga Wickremaratne

05th Sept 2007

16th January 2009

Mr. Dhammika Weerakoon

17th January 2009

25th September 2013

Ms.G.G Lakshmi Kanthi

26th September 2013

28 th February 2021

Mr. S.A.M. Nasly 01 st March 2021 Up to now

News & Events

List of mobile traders belonging to Imaduwa Divisional Secretariat

List of mobile traders belonging to Imaduwa Divisional Secretariat

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News & Events

News & Events

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