Administrative Division


Providing an efficient and productive service to the people through a satisfactory staff
Main Functions

1.      Maintain personal files of office, field and Grama Niladari

2.      Preparation of monthly, half yearly reports

3.      Staff information

4.      Business Registration

5.      Prepare timber permits

6.      Issuance of Income Certificates, Valuation Certificates and Issue of Assets

7.      Activities related to training

8.      Activities related to mail

9.      Divisional days, Staff meetings

10.  Activities related to office vehicles

11.  Work relating to office buildings

12.  Activities relating to electricity, telephone, security services and cleaning services

13.  Activities related to electricity in division

14.  Liquor licenses, animal transport licenses, kithul trees and sale of toys

15.  Arrival documents and leave related activities

16.  Activities related to submission of programs, programs and revised programs

17.  Matters relating to the submission of vouchers for travel and payment

Accounts Division


Implement and maintain a sound financial management system for the excellent service of the people of the division

Main Functions

1. Preparation of the procurement plan

2. All payments

3. Prepare all financial estimates

4. Total purchases

5. Warehouse activities

6. Maintenance of the archives

7. To account for all income

8. Preparation of salaries of officials

9. Issue and recovery of loans

10. Provide answers for audit queries

Preparing financial statements

12. Action Plan

Planning Division


Identifying the development needs of the division and coordinating with the institutions through the development of the development proposals and helping to uplift the life of the people.

Main Functions

1. Identification, approval, implementation of projects for rural development, decentralized budget and provincial development program development

2. Conducting committees for the development of the area including the Coordinating Committee and the Agriculture Committee with the involvement of other institutions in the area

3. Providing information to the collection, maintenance and other data of the division

4. Compilation of the operations cell

Land Division


To be the leader of the district in carrying out public duties in the fullest with public satisfaction

Main Functions

1. Work under the Land Development Ordinance

2. Acting under the crown lands ordinance

3. Action under the Land Acquisition Act

4. Taking action for the possession of state lands under the act of withdrawal

5. Action under the Land Reclamation Special Provisions Act

6. Carrying out necessary actions for the Divisional Secretary whenever there is legal action regarding government lands

7. Transfer of lands to government institutions

8. Issuing sand licenses for sand stone and sand

Registrar Division


Providing maximum service to the client within a minimum period

Main Functions

1. Issuing Birth, Marriage and Death certificates

2. Registration of Marriage

3. Action on the declarations

Supervision of the work of the Rural Registrar


Pension Division


Provide active support to ensure the well-being and retirement of pensioners

Main Functions

1. Conducting relevant updates on computerized data systems for monthly pension payments

2. Paying recommendations for widows '& orphans' pension and disabled persons and recommending to the department of pensions

3. Giving free railway warrants to pensioners

Social Services Division


Empowering low income earning disadvantaged elders, disabled and women in the division to uplift the living standards of the people in the division. To contribute to the national development stream.

Main Functions

 1. Providing services for low income elders, disabled disabled end-of-life families. Providing necessary support to maintain their living standard

2. Provision of self-employment assistance to disable disabled persons. Provide housing aid and counseling services

3. Formulation of programs for minimizing narcotic and other abuses

4. Taking action to ensure children's rights

5. To make all the children safe in a family environment

6. Development and empowerment of all women in socio, economic, political and cultural fields

7. Guarantee and Family Welfare for a secure transition

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List of mobile traders belonging to Imaduwa Divisional Secretariat

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News & Events

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